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Escort Client’s Code of Conduct

Imagine that your very best friend is a sex worker – then imagine how you would like them to be treated. This is your starting point! If you can’t imagine treating someone with this level of dignity and respect, it’s probably time for some serious self-reflection. Imagine that your very best friend is a sex …

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Are you High Class?

If you’re an escort yourself, you’ll understand what it’s like when a curious question is directed your way; “What made you choose this job?”, “Am I your first client of the day?” or “Do you get many bad clients?” are just a few examples of the usual suspects. You’ll have mastered the answers for these …

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7 Hints and Tips on how not to text your escort

First Impressions Count Following these 7 hints and tips on how NOT to text your escort is essential, as cliche as it sounds, first impressions count, especially in this industry. For an independent escort, who may decline to reserve you a session time based on your communication skills, you want your first contact to be …

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Etiquette is an Escorts Foreplay

In your civilian life, you meet a girl, and ask her out for coffee, she says yes and before the date a few texts may be exchanged back and forth. Texts complimenting her, subtle hints at what attracts you to her, it’s the warm-up period before the real date begins, who knows it may even …