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About Auckland Escorts

Erotic Escorts NZ is your gateway to adult adventures, where transparency is our guiding principle. We provide a platform for adult advertisements, with a crucial distinction: independent sex workers and escort agencies manage their content independently. Therefore, we bear no responsibility for their actions or content.

Auckland, a city celebrated for its diversity, offers a captivating blend of culture and pleasure. As New Zealand’s largest metropolis, it presents an enticing array of options. Moreover, you’ll be thrilled to encounter touring escorts, often gracing Auckland before embarking on journeys to exotic destinations.

Since most profiles are skillfully crafted by independent adult advertisers, we’ve implemented a clear system to distinguish them from Auckland escort agencies. Each ad prominently includes a section that categorizes them as private or agency-based.

We genuinely appreciate your choice of Erotic Escorts NZ as your access point to unforgettable encounters. Keep in mind that our search feature and pages dedicated to Escorts, BDSM, Online, and Sensual Massage provide a diverse range of listings in various locations for your exploration.

Auckland FAQ's

Auckland Esscorts. Beautiful girl in a sexy black lingerie

Unlocking Desires: How do I find high-class Auckland Esscorts?

Embark on a thrilling quest to find high-class Auckland escorts, a journey as unique as your deepest desires. The concept of high-class is a highly personal adventure, tailor-made to suit your individual preferences. Immerse yourself in our captivating world of pleasure, where a user-friendly filter and search section are ready to cater to your every desire.In the enticing Auckland escort scene, you'll find a diverse range of offerings and rates, ensuring a splendid array of choices. And for those seeking enticing reading material, tantalize your senses with our captivating blog piece, "Are You High Class?" A single, enticing click on the image above will ignite your passions.

Auckland Escorts Woman in black strappy lingerie.

Navigating the World of Adult Advertisements: What is the difference between an independent and an agency advertisement?

Have you ever explored the captivating world of independent adult advertisers and enticing agency ads?Get ready to uncover the intriguing differences. An independent escort, known as a private companion, skillfully creates their own alluring ad, customized to fulfill their specific business and lifestyle desires. On the other side of the enticing spectrum, an escort agency holds authority not only over their captivating ads but also manages every aspect of their ladies profession, including services, rates, and operating hours. In return, they receive a portion of the fees, ensuring the continuation of their irresistible allure.

How do I contact my Auckland city escort? Woman lying down on the bed with black lingerie showing

How to master the art of contacting an Auckland city sex worker?

Respect is the key that opens the door to passionate moments with your chosen Auckland companion. Your initial contact and behavior set the stage for an unforgettable experience. Dive into the alluring content of their ad, reach out through their preferred method of communication, and share the intimate information they eagerly seek.To learn how to make an electrifying connection with your selected companion, check out our informative blog, "7 Hints and Tips on How to Message Your Escort." Click on the inviting image above to ignite your desires and discover a world of passion.

Is it legal to visit an escort in Auckland?​ Woman seated backwards in a chair naked. Leaning up against the back - straddling.

Exploring Pleasure's Legal Landscape in Auckland: is it legal to visit an companion?

In 2003, New Zealand ushered in an era of sexual freedom with the Prostitution Reform Act, recognizing erotic services as a legitimate profession. This significant law extends its influence across the entire country, carefully defining the boundaries of pleasure and ensuring the safety of those involved in this alluring journey. Notably, the Act takes a strong stance against "Natural Services," which include unprotected encounters like oral and anal activities, as well as uninhibited moments of passion. Crossing these boundaries comes with severe penalties for both those seeking pleasure and the companions involved.If you want to explore the Prostitution Reform Act further, don't hesitate. Click the image above to discover more about this law and its impact on your desires.

What is the correct etiquette when contacting eacorts working in Auckland?​ Woman topless, covering herself with one arm swishing her hair to the side

The Elegance of Auckland Encounters: what is the correct etiquette when visiting escorts working in Auckland?

Embarking on an exciting encounter with Auckland's charming escorts is not rocket science; it's delightfully straightforward. Approach this meeting with the grace and refinement expected in any professional interaction. Present yourself well, display excellent manners, and avoid haggling. Hone the art of engaging conversation, especially if you plan to arrive fashionably late, as anticipation can be a thrilling tease.Above all, remember that respect is the essential rule, the ingredient that elevates every encounter to extraordinary levels. It's a world of pleasure waiting to be explored. For more enticing insights, check out our informative blog on Etiquette by clicking the image above.

Auckland Escorts Agencies, Gentlemen's Clubs, and Brothels

Dark Angels Elite Escort Agency

Step into the enticing world of Dark Angels Elite Escort Agency, where sensuality knows no limits. Our captivating companions, affectionately called Angels, embody an irresistible charm. Each Angel is chosen for their innate ability to create personal, intimate connections that will leave you breathless. We take pride in their unique qualities and carefully match them to fulfill your deepest desires. Your pleasure is our unwavering goal.

Our steadfast commitment? To craft an encounter that fulfills your every desire, an encounter that ignites your senses.

Ready to explore your fantasies with the Angel of your dreams? Dive into the alluring pleasures of the Dark Angels website or send an enticing email to


La Fleur

La Fleur Escort Agency invites you to a world where New Zealand’s finest desires come to life. Immerse yourself in a love affair with all things French as we bring a taste of Parisian passion to your doorstep.

When you step into La Fleur’s embrace, you’ll be greeted by your exclusive Fleur – only her. Our top priorities are ensuring your privacy and unbridled pleasure, creating a pure delight for both our esteemed clients and our captivating ladies. Our companions are carefully chosen, embodying intelligence, beauty, integrity, attentiveness, and irresistible charm. In our world, we affectionately call them our courtesans or fleurs.

Meeting any of our enchanting fleurs is a journey into ecstasy, fulfilling your deepest desires. You can choose to meet her at our luxurious and discreet establishment in the heart of Auckland’s CBD. Alternatively, indulge in the company of our courtesans over a sumptuous dinner or in the privacy of your hotel suite – an arrangement we can expertly curate for you.


Femme Fatale Gentlemen’s Club

Savor the allure of Femme Fatale, a place beyond the ordinary – more than just an agency, a unique Gentlemen’s Club. What sets us ablaze? We’re here 24/7, with a tempting bar service and captivating exotic dancers. Reservations? Not needed; we’re your spontaneous getaway. Explore our inviting VIP rooms, seamlessly transitioning from the charming bar to your luxuriously appointed private space when the mood strikes.

Nestled discreetly in the vibrant heart of Auckland’s CBD, we provide the convenience of on-site parking and a private back entrance for daytime adventures. Visit us at 84 Wellesley Street West, Auckland City.


The Doll House Escort Agency

Experience the enchantment of The Doll House, where passion and confidentiality are paramount. We operate exclusively by appointment, ensuring your privacy at our alluring Auckland location. For those seeking the utmost discretion, we offer the opportunity for exciting out-call encounters.

Our specialty is crafting a leisurely girlfriend experience that’s a harmonious blend of pleasure for both. But, for those with insatiable desires, our array of additional services awaits. Explore our enticing website, and let your desires take center stage when making your booking.


The Pelican Club

Get ready to experience the charm of The Pelican Club, a timeless destination for Massage Parlour/Escort enthusiasts in Auckland. We welcome you from 10 am until late, 364 days a year, conveniently located in the CBD, just a stone’s throw from Sky City.

A true icon, we’ve been delighting clients for 26 years. Our lovely establishment at 101 Newton Road, Eden Terrace, is home to over 100 captivating and Sensual Auckland Escorts.

Here’s the exciting part – no hidden fees. Our delightful ladies provide GFE, multishot, mutual oral, and intimacy without any additional charges in the room.

But there’s more. Our fully licensed bar is ready to set the stage for an evening of allure. So, come and relax in the company of our radiant Escorts and let desire be your guide.


Galaxy Club

Galaxy Club welcomes you to a world of pure desire. We’re not your average Massage Parlour or Escort Agency; we’re the vibrant heart of Auckland’s pleasures – the busiest Gentlemen’s Club, or as some still prefer, the most enticing Brothel.

Our upscale, spotless facilities provide the perfect setting for your sensual journey, with our friendly Girls eagerly ready to guide you into the realms of full-service adult enjoyment.

Enjoy the company of Auckland’s most exclusive and high-class escorts, where your desires are not just met but passionately fulfilled. Our ultimate aim? To ensure every moment is a mix of relaxation and satisfaction, leaving you eager to return to our discreet Gentlemen’s Club.

At Galaxy Club, we assure you’ll leave fully satisfied, as we introduce you to the hottest girls Auckland has to offer.



Welcome to the world of Juliette’s, where we create moments of refinement and temptation with our extraordinary courtesans. We cater to the desires of discerning gentlemen, providing experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Our discreet service relies on advance bookings, bringing our captivating companions directly to your location.

Our charming courtesans call Auckland, New Zealand their home, but they’re available for both domestic and international adventures. All they require is a little anticipation.

Unlock the secrets of a perfect encounter by visiting our etiquette page on our website. It’s your guide to ensuring a delightful meeting where you and your captivating courtesan share unforgettable moments.


The Candy Club

Welcome to The Candy Club, where temptation takes center stage, and desires become real. Located in the heart of West Auckland, we offer a sanctuary for adult indulgence, a vibrant playground that leaves nothing to the imagination. Step into a world where pleasure is the currency, featuring a fully licensed bar, a welcoming pool table, and large screen TVs. Here, you’ll meet Auckland’s most captivating working ladies, ready to charm and captivate.

For the passionate gentleman, The Candy Club is a must-visit.

But there’s more. We also offer an enticing out-call service, where our beauties will discreetly visit your private place, creating an experience that will stay in your memory forever.

As a true Gentlemen’s Club, we are open 7 days a week, welcoming the night with all its allure. The best part? No need for reservations. We’re here, ready to ignite your desires.