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Christchurch FAQ's

It’s important to know that the adult ads you see on EENZ are created by sex workers themselves. We function solely as an adult directory platform, similar to the classifieds in a newspaper. EENZ does not take responsibility for the content or actions related to these ads.

Christchurch, the thriving jewel of the South Island, is the perfect starting point for exploring this stunning region. Dive into a world of sensual possibilities with a variety of Christchurch escorts and agencies, all easily accessible on EENZ!

Because most adult advertisers prefer discretion, these listings are created by them. To distinguish between private and agency listings, we’ve included notifications in their profiles.

We sincerely hope you’ve found your next exciting rendezvous through Erotic Escorts NZ. For a detailed look at all the Escorts or Sensual Masseuses available on EENZ, explore their dedicated pages or conveniently access the main menu for a tempting selection.

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How to find a high-class private Christchurch escort.

Discovering a top-tier private Chch escort is easier than you might think. Whether you’re attracted to local independent escorts in Christchurch or the exotic charm of those traveling from abroad, your options are diverse and captivating.

Being high-class means meeting and exceeding individual client expectations. Fortunately, we’ve created a user-friendly platform to simplify your search. Our advanced search function allows you to narrow down your selection by criteria like height, price, age, and more.

If you ever have doubts, know that you can always reach out directly to the agencies for their insights and recommendations about their captivating companions. Their expertise ensures you’ll make a choice that leaves you completely satisfied.

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What is there to do with my Chch Escort?

Looking for more than a brief encounter?

If you’re a traveler passing through and longing for some exquisite companionship, why not enjoy an evening that ignites passions beyond imagination? This page offers a selection of captivating companions who will leave you thoroughly enchanted. Plus, with a variety of bars and restaurants, Christchurch has earned its reputation as New Zealand’s International Food Capital, setting the stage for unforgettable experiences. For dining ideas that guarantee a lasting impression, be sure to visit the Eateries section on the Chch website.

When it comes to activities in Christchurch, the possibilities are endless. From beautiful parks and tranquil reserves to engaging Arts and Culture venues, and a plethora of shopping destinations that will keep you busy. The city provides an ongoing array of experiences to cherish, and sharing these adventures is a recommendation that promises excitement and connection.

What's an independent escort vs. an Agency escort?

  • An independent Christchurch escort is in control of their own path, managing their calls and bookings. They have the freedom to set their rates and decide when they want to work. This independence is ideal for those who want flexibility, perhaps working only a day or two each week. Being an independent sex worker is like running a small personal business, and they must follow New Zealand’s legal framework.

    On the other hand, agencies take on a different role, handling the business side for the sex worker. They manage phone calls, appointments, and maintain a list of services, each with its own price. While the provider may have set hours, agencies, and even brothels, can accommodate walk-in clients. These agencies must also follow New Zealand’s laws, but they have to meet additional criteria as well.

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How to I contact an escort in Christchurch?

Each charming companion has clearly shared their preferred contact methods on their profiles. Some of these providers have even thoughtfully provided detailed instructions in their bios, guiding clients on how to reach out via email or text message. To ensure your rendezvous starts with the promise of perfection, it’s essential to seek out and follow this valuable information.

For more insights into the world of contacting your escort, we invite you to explore our informative blogs: “7 Hints and tips on how not to contact your escort,” and our enlightening discussion on Etiquette.

In the realm of companionship, etiquette is the delightful prelude that sets the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Christchurch Escort Agencies and Massage Parlours

Atomic Massage Parlour and Escort Agency

Formerly known as LA Girls, we are now Atomic—a boutique escort agency located just south of the Christchurch CBD. Our mission is to provide you with a tasteful and discreet sanctuary, featuring our stunning and alluring ladies.

From the soothing touch of a sensual massage to the exhilarating excitement of an erotic adventure, Atomic caters to both men and women, inviting you to express and explore your deepest desires within our private and discreet premises.

Your experience at Atomic is designed to be a journey of relaxation, unhurried and unforgettable. Immerse yourself in a world of intimate indulgence that will leave a lasting impression on your memory.


Executive girls Escort Agency Christchurch logo

Executive Girls

Immerse yourself in the charm of alluring and passionate women who take pride in their role in the world of adult entertainment. We offer you a discreet and intimate experience that caters to your deepest desires.

Our appealing selection of private escorts is committed to the art of pleasure, ready to provide you with a top-quality service that remains affordable.

Please be aware that we go beyond the usual massage parlors. Instead, we invite you into a discreet and intimate world where your desires are the focus. Whether you prefer to visit our private location or have us come to your home, hotel, or motel, your needs are our top priority.



Venus Room Escort Agency

Venusroom, located in the heart of the historic Woolston Industrial district in Christchurch, welcomes those with a passionate appetite for pleasure. Here, you’ll find a group of independent escorts from New Zealand and around the world, all dedicated to ensuring your desires are fulfilled in a stress-free and uninhibited environment.

The Venusroom is a sleek, three-story sanctuary of seduction. Inside, you’ll discover five themed adult entertainment chambers, each available for your exclusive use with the escort of your choice or your beloved partner. Immerse yourself in a world of unbridled desires, complete with a tantalizing dungeon and a soothing spa, ready to indulge your every fantasy.