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Welcome to her world!

The April 2023 edition of EENZ Express Magazine featured an exposé on Mistress V.

The opening text on her website sums up your potential experience with Mistress V. So much so that her parting words ‘Surrender yourself to me’ made me wonder what I’d gotten myself in for.

Luckily she went easy on me! She gracefully answered some of my more probing questions, or was it her that did the probing? Oh well, enjoy!

How long have you been in the industry and what was it that interested you about BDSM/FinDom?

Hi kinky people, I have been in the BDSM scene for around 6 years now. The main reason I am drawn to this world is being able to allow people to express who they want to be in a safe and non-judgmental space.

There was a time in my life I wasn’t true to myself and put my own needs aside. I understand the struggles of trying to be someone you are simply not meant to be, it is exhausting, I want people to feel free to be who they are.

Being naturally dominant I slotted into Mistress mode with ease, it’s really just who I am, I’ve been called bossy since the age of 6.

Ahh, the Findom question, Findom found me back in 2019, I always thought it was some urban myth, turns out, it is not. That first encounter is something I will never in my life forget, it was extreme Findom, it didn’t start out light, it came at me hard and fast, and the money made in such a short space of time blew my mind.

I didn’t really think about it again until I moved towards online work during covid, and again, it found me.

Now I am just as addicted to it as the sender, the rush is like no other. It is not as easy as many women make it out to be though, you have to be able to really read people, which is sometimes tricky given the way many communicate.

You have to be ready there and then to ‘drain’ someone when they contact you, which can be hard for me given our time zone and most of my Finsubs are in London or the US. Many just silently send, and I have zero clue who they are.

Mistress V holding a chain in her hand with a come hither motion implied

What is your favourite implement?

I have two favourite implement’s, one is my purple heart, diamond encrusted custom made paddle made from a dear friend in LA, the other has to be my rubber Flogger from Fox Floggers, the smell of rubber is delicious

Mistress V holding a Flogger from Fox Floggers
Mistress V holding a Fox Floggers Flogger

When did it occur to you that you were a dominant female?

Well, this is a funny story. In hindsight, I can see I was always a dominant female, I honestly think you are born this way! Back when I was young at the age of six or seven, I remember playing a prank on a boy in my street.

I made him cover his eyes while I poured water onto the hot pavement. I then took him by the arm and made him stand in the water. When he opened his eyes and saw he was in a puddle, I told him it was warm because I had pee’d there. He went home crying, I laughed and got a telling off HAHA!

The two other things I recall doing around that age were, making a boy eat bubble gum off the ground, and once spitting on his lollypop and making him eat it. I remember feeling very pleased with myself after these experiences.

Mistress V facing the camera holding a cock cage over 2 fingers

What do you look forward to most in a session?

One of my favourite things I look forward to during a session is, looking a submissive in the eye and inflicting pain, then watching their expression change, being a sadist it makes me smile. I have been called the smiling assassin on a number of occasions, my soft-spoken voice and smile have deceived many.

What gets you in the mood for a booking?

Music, music is a must! Depending on the type of session I am heading into will determine what I listen to. Also, without sounding too crazy, I will sometimes have a mafia movie on, or an episode of the Sopranos, it’s the whole power thing, that really gets me going.

Mistress V with her back towards the camera, her waistline is encircled by BDSM equipment

What happens in a normal session?

Is there such a thing as a normal session when it comes to BDSM? My sessions vary, my booking process allows me to know what my sub is interested in and their desires without us having to talk too deeply into the matter. I send out a booking form, which has 18 pages of questions the submissive must answer.

I will then tailor a session to suit their kinks. This way they don’t know what is coming and it is much more authentic. My sessions start as soon as they walk in the door, there is no conversation, it is straight on your knees in my play space from the moment you walk in.

If someone asked you to take them past their limit, would you?

Hmm…. Long pause. It would depend on how well I knew them, what they were wanting to explore, and if I thought they could handle it. If I were to go ahead, there would have to be a crash cart waiting if it turned pear-shaped, and by that, I mean, I had better be prepared to catch them if they fall into a bad space and know for certain I felt I could bring them back to a safe headspace, this isn’t something I take lightly at all. Mental well-being and sub-safety are the things I take over the top seriously, you can do a lot of damage to someone if you are not careful. Exceeding physical limits is one thing, mental limits are another ball game.

Mistress V in the bathtub looking at the camera

What is your favourite all-time movie?

Argh too hard, I’m picking two

Closer – Natalie Portman’s character is just…. so raw and beautiful, if you haven’t seen it, go watch it, yes that is an order!

Beaches – Don’t tell anyone, but I cry every single time LOL! Yes, I have a softer side (sometimes), I’m not all whips and chains.

What’s a quote to live by?

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a proudly sick society”.


What are you listening to on Spotify right now?

Right now I’m listening to a few of the following:

Wax Tailor
Manchester Orchestra
Cigarettes After Sex

Why do you think people are drawn to BDSM?

People are drawn to BDSM for many reasons; however, I believe one of the main reasons, is to relax and de-stress the mind. It is well documented that submissive/switch-natured people who play in the BDSM world have stressful powerful jobs or have a hectic home life.

They need a place to let go and hand over control to someone else.

It is self-care, much like going to the gym, seeing a therapist, or watching your diet. Some people need to be entirely free of responsibility, even just for an hour or two.

I also feel there is still a lot of pressure on men in modern-day society, to be seen as the macho figure or the provider within their work or family unit. BDSM allows a safe space to escape that reality. I could dive deep into this topic for hours!

What are 5 of your all-time dislikes?

– People who bicker on the internet or on public forums and can’t agree to disagree and walk away like adults. Are you really that bored, not everyone will have the same option as you, I find that really tragic.

– Being woken up, by anyone or anything. That day will never end well for anyone!!!

– People who don’t read my advert and ask stupid questions.

– Small talk, it does my head in, I zone out. Give me a convesation with depth.

– Did I mention people who argue on the internet?

Head shot of Mistress V staring at the camera

What are 5 of your all-time loves?

– SHOES! Shoes are my all-time love and I make no apologies for how shallow that sounds.

– My friends and the connections I have made. I am so fortunate to have amazing people in my life, including my subs or those whom I engage with online. Most of my friendships are well over decades old, there is no better feeling than being surrounded by those who love you for being the crazy little weirdo you are. Having authentic people around me is extremely important.

– Vanilla Macaroons, the really expensive ones, someone take me to Paris!

– Learning to write kinky tales has become a huge love for me over the last year. It is nice to zone out into fantasy. You can find some of my writings on my website in my blog. I will never confess which ones really happened though, haha!

– Kittens, as an ex vet nurse and have a huge love for animals. Fostering kittens is a huge passion of mine, I haven’t had any in a while due to a busy schedule, but that is something I absolutely adore spending my time doing.