International sex workers day 2nd June 2023

International Sex Workers Day

The History of International Whores Day As a whore myself, I believe it’s important to remember the history behind why we are celebrating International Whores Day. To commemorate the women before us, who fought for their rights to work as prostitutes. In addition to the women who are still fighting today, to be treated like …

Are Kiwi’s Prudes or Just Ignorant?

A blog by Jordan Quinn Prudes or ignorant? This is the question Julia Sloane, cast member of the Real Housewives of Auckland, seeks to answer. After her co-stars find a vibrator in her draw and are subsequently mortified, Julia starts educating them on sex toys. Over the course of a 75min long documentary, Julia explores …

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Sex Work & Dating

Questions and Answers from sex workers who date. Do I tell my partner I’m a sex worker? What boundaries should I have in place? What if they become jealous? Any sex worker who has dated while working has probably asked these questions at one point or another. For many of us, our profession has never …